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  • The object of the game is to score as many points as possible by collapsing vertical or horizontal groups of 3 or more similar tiles.
  • A player can swap adjacent tiles to form a group of 3 or more similar tiles horizontally or vertically. Such groups of 3 or more tiles immediately collapse and points are scored.

In the example above, a player can score points by forming a vertical group of 3 cherry-colored vessels' tiles by swapping a vessel tile from the 1st column 3rd row with a neighboring 'purple animal' tile.

Swapping the Tiles

Only tiles that are adjacent horizontally or vertically can be swapped.
To swap the tiles, click on the 1st tile and it will get highlighted, indicating that it is selected. Now click on the 2nd adjacent tile. If swapping these tiles formed a group of 3 or more similar vertical or horizontal tiles, the group will collapse and points will be assigned.
The greater the number of collapsing tiles, the more points will be scored.


After playing for some time, players receive bonus tiles that would appear to the left of the board.
Universal Tile can be used for adding to any combination of tiles. Universal Tile appears after 360 points. To use the Universal Tile, click on it and then click the 2nd tile to be swapped with it.
Diagonal tile can be used up to 3 times to swap tiles diagonally. Diagonal Tile appears after 540 points. When you have a Diagonal Tile, there is no need to select it: diagonal swapping of all tiles will work in addition to horizontal and vertical swapping.

Playing the Game

If no moves are made for at least 15 seconds, the game prompts which tiles can be swapped: 2 tiles blink for 2 seconds. The prompt does not necessarily indicate the optimal move -- just a possible move.

After a certain number of successful tile swaps is made, a passageway opens into another room. Each consecutive room adds an extra tile.

The game ends when:
  • there is no more time left on the clock as determined by the server
  • there are no legal moves to make

Strategy Tips

  • Try to form longer group of tiles to score more points
  • Hold on to bonus tiles as long as possible
  • Given a choice, try to form a group of tiles such that after its collapsing there would be more combinations available
  • When you swap one pair of tiles, you don't have to wait for new collapsing tiles to settle down -- try to keep swapping other pairs of tiles if they are available (e.g., on the opposite side of the board).
Extra tile (can be any randomly assigned tile) can be used to add to a combination of similar tiles. Extra tile appears after 180 points. To use the Extra Tile, click on it and then click the 2nd tile to be swapped with it.

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